The Garden Slug Tisanes - Floral Paradise (Hibiscus, Rose, Chrysanthemum)

by Dough Empire

$ 19.30


Tisanes are herbal infusions made by brewing, steeping or infusing a blend of plant parts in hot water. These infusions may comprise herb leaves, roots, bark, stem, flowers, fruits and spices. Usually caffeine-free, tisanes are consumed for health and medicinal benefits or simply for enjoyment as a beverage.

Something to start or end your day with. They can help to detox, aid digestion and in some cases, weight loss, as they contain anti-oxidants, vitamins and fibre.

Also, teabags are usually chemically bleached. Hence, with these House Blend Tisanes, we hope to give people better reasons to drink our infusions.

Fun Fact: Tisane is not tea, but is usually referred to as tea for convenience!


Weight: 32g

Additional Information

  • 20 servings per jar
  • A fragrant brew that is light-tasting, fruity, cooling and high in vitamin C!
  • Be sure to get one of our adorable Mana-tea or insanely cute Man-At-Tea silicone infusers for your tisanes!
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