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What got us started?

With malls stocking up mass-produced products lack of specialness and originality, we wondered why there wasn’t any local platform dedicated for independent craft makers. In 2014, we took it into our own hands and started a community where craft makers, designers and artists can come together and share their rad creations with people from different walks of life. With a knack for unique and well-designed products, we scour through underground markets and hidden alleys for rad creations. Each product is cherry-picked by us, making sure that they are crème de la crème. At Megafash, we’re all about helping you to make the best gifting choices with an edited selection of fun and original lifestyle products.

Where are we now?

With the shared love for original creations, our little community grew and we have never looked back since. Seven retail stores (check them out here!) and a dot-com later, Megafash has found its niche as an alternative way of exploring and shopping for lifestyle goods. With more than 600 (and growing) brands that have joined our community, you can count on us to bring you the coolest stuff from all around the world! Our business is built on relationships and founded on trust. We believe in sharing our time, knowledge and expertise with our designers and customers. While we are still in the early part of our journey, there are so many more stories to be uncovered and relationships to be build. We hope that you can join us in our close-knit community as our story continues to unfold.

Meet #Teammegafash,
the people who make it happen



1. Could be addicted to coke (the drink)
2. Dislikes air-conditioned rooms
3. Very skilled at sweeping floors.
Fave MF product?
Keysmart, because I have many keys- shop keys, house keys, car keys



1. Wants to be friends with sad Keanu
2. Has two cat friends at home and infin8te irl
3. Wants to own a pitbull someday.
Fave MF product?
Pacman Game, because it brings back childhood memories


Design & Marketing

1. Kinda obsessed with wanton mee
2. Is a certified love guru
3. Worships Wes Anderson and Frida Kahlo.
Fave MF product?
Lucky Feather necklaces, the emoji ones give me life!



1. Hopes to have 42 cats in the future #kittensquad
2. Binge watches Korean dramas to de-stress
3. Loves cheese to a fault. It's so gouda!
Fave MF product?
Ecocube, I can grow veggies and eat them!



1. Is a self-proclaimed Physics professor
2. The designated fixer of MF
3. Catchphrase: "ya ya I know... but..."
Fave MF product?
Love SG t-shirts, because I'm so Singaporean



1. Always up for chocolate
2. Cant get rid of the bookworm in her
3. Has a knack for languages
Fave MF product?
World A to Z map - Because there's much more to discover, leggo~


Retail Management

1. Will shamelessly Uber for $0
2. Is an ultimate sucker for rewards programs
3. Fulfils life by buying cute pens
Fave MF product?
Remax power bank, because it makes my phone battery last an entire day


Country Manager

1. Is always in a neckerchief. Always
2. Never wears slippers out
3. Has an unhealthy obsession with chewing ice
Fave MF product?
Cartnifik cards, because they are so tongue-in-cheek!

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